Is Insomniac Games working on a new multiplayer IP?

According to a new job ad published just in these hours by Insomniac Games and promptly tracked down by fans, the American development team joined a few years ago in the PlayStation Studios seems to be working on multiple projects at the same time.

In fact, the team to which we owe, among others, the recent and appreciated ones Spider-Man Miles Morales And Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apartwith the latter landed exclusively on PlayStation 5 during the last month of June, it seems to be at work not only on Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 And Marvel’s Wolverinebut also on a new one Multiplayer IP.

Insomniac Games seems to be grappling with the development of a new multiplayer project

This new one Multiplayer IP from Insomniac Games it is still in pre-production, with the American development team currently looking for a new one Art Directorwith the description of this new job posting describing how the new employee will have to “lead the art direction in a multiplayer environment“, In addition to”assist in pre-production planning and development of new IPs with other creative directors“.

Also later in the post in question you can read that the team belonging to PlayStation Studios is looking for a new job that has “experience in releasing at least one AAA game with a multiplayer component or a demonstrable understanding of the art direction for multiplayer games“.

And these clues strongly suggest how Insomniac Games is currently struggling with the realization of a multiplayer project, or a game with one component multiplayer rather marked.

Also, again according to the descriptions, this will be a brand new IP, and is still in the pre-production stage. Unfortunately, however, this new job announcement does not reveal anything about the genre of the title, so keep following us to find out the news coming in the coming months.