Is Hideo Kojima also working on another game besides Death Stranding 2?

An insider is convinced!

In the past few hours Norman Reedus has decided to break the delay, announcing in the course of a new interview that a new chapter of Death Strandingtitle of Hideo Kojima that we remember being first landed exclusively on PlayStation 4and then with the Director’s Cut also on PlayStation 5 And PC.

And following this important news, not a few fans have begun to wonder if in that of Kojima Productions are currently also struggling with the development of another project in addition to the sequel (?) of the Property Intellectual starring the famous Sam Porter Bridges.

It seems that Hideo Kojima is also working on another game besides Death Stranding 2

And given the interest that this new indiscretion is capturing, the insider I has also decided to intervene on the scenenfinite Takesex Tiffany Treadmoreconsidered very reliable since in recent years it has managed to correctly anticipate some announcements of Nintendo as well as the cancellation ofE3 2020.

Well, according to the leaker Hideo Kojima would currently be struggling with development not only on the sequel to Death Strandingbut also on another project still totally shrouded in mystery.
Below you will find the statements of the insider in question:

As far as we know, Kojima is working on another game besides the Death Stranding sequel, and it has been in development for some time. Presumably there is so much in development that we expected an announcement in 2021.

Accepting this insider’s statements, it’s not clear what other project she’s working on Hideo Kojimawith many rumors pointing to the development of a new chapter of silent Hillor as reported several times by Jeff Grubb to a title made in collaboration with Microsoft for consoles Xbox.