Is Amazon thinking of a Cinematic Universe?

As revealed not too long ago, Amazon would now be working on some spin-offs dedicated to The Boysthe original series Prime Video dedicated to the comic series of the same name, which with its first two seasons has been able to attract, and above all please, the public. However, what could come out of it is more than a simple side dish to enrich the main product.

Summing up, and referring to the information reported by the creator of the series Eric Kripkeactually with these products we could soon find ourselves in front of a sort of “Cinematic Universe” in Marvel style, dedicated however to The Boys and its narrative universe. Despite this, it also appears that the timing will be extendedand that the right amount of care and patience will be employed.

We have a couple of scripts left for the shows that we’re talking about on various levels. I don’t think we will be in a hurry, we want to build everything slowly.

L’idea of an “ACU” (Amazon Cinematic Universe) or a more specific “BCU” (The Boys Cinematic Universe) turns out to be nothing short of intriguinghowever so far it really seems to us soon to talk about a similar project, especially because still of these spin-offs we don’t know much, nor is it possible to make an estimate of the actual size of such content. Whether it happens sooner or later, we remind you that we are not talking about confirmed news yet officially, and therefore are to be considered mere rumors.

The Boys debuted in 2019 with its first season, achieving a huge success, which also continued with the second season, managing to find a perfect balance between the comedylo character development and the violence beyond limit.

In the meantime, a few days ago the new trailer dedicated to the Season 3 by The Boys, the highly anticipated continuation of the story that will be available for viewing on Amazon Prime Video starting June 3, 2022.