Iron Man, a tech demo available in Unreal Engine 5

The youtuber Aaron Wayne Morse made a demo dedicated to Iron Man

After the official tech demo released to show the full potential of the new graphics engine Unreal Engine, fans went wild bringing demos of several famous characters to life. In fact, it is not the first time that a content creator uses the assets of the tech demo to give vent to his creativity and create a respectable project.

We recall, in fact, that not long ago one was disclosed on the net tech demo about Spider-Man and another that instead had as protagonist Batman. Now it’s up to another superhero: Iron Man. The youtuber Aaron Wayne Morse has indeed released on its channel Youtube one before tech demo about Tony Starkwhich you can view at the end of the article.

Iron Man protagonist of a new tech demo in Unreal Engine 5

Although the result is quite remarkable, the creator himself warns that it is a demo made just for fun and therefore some noticeable drops in performance. In fact, as the youtuber himself explained, the assets used to recreate the city are made up of files very heavy and even using the recommended specs there may be some significant frame dropsprobably due to the high speeds reached by Iron Man during the flight.

If you were impressed by this tech demo, fear not: Aaron Wayne Morse has made his download available with some scalability settingswith the hope that anyone can use it, even if you don’t have PC ultra performing. Furthermore, he also stated that, as time goes by, he could continue to improve the tech demo and make it more and more fluid and free of technical problems.