InXile Entertainment congratulates Microsoft: “they are perfect partners”

This is not the first time the company has been praised

The recent article by Kotaku concerning the decline in subscribers to the service Microsoft Xbox Game Pass, to which the same company responded with sarcastic tones, unleashed the inevitable frenzy of the brave keyboard warriors, armed with controllers and nonsense, who make up the armies of the console war in both sides of the two superpowers of the sector. Meanwhile, at higher floors, a more mature and constructive debate continues, in which we basically think about what the gaming industry needs to thrive – and no, keyboard warriors aren’t what it takes.

InXile Entertainment immediately intervened to express itself on Microsoft:

The first intervention of the study came in response to a harsh console war criticism, nothing that deserves to be reported (you can imagine the topic), but what matters is the study’s response to the accusations made against Microsoftan answer that listed what the Redmond giant offers its developers: “Complete creative freedom, financial support, a user base of millions of players who play and love our games is a dream, really. Highly recommended”.

The response of the studio was then added to that of the boss himself of the software house, Brian Fargowho wrote: “Microsoft has been the perfect partner for us and I have worked with a lot of people in my career. Nothing but encouragement, operational support, creative freedom and respect for game development. So yes, I am extremely impressed with them and you will see that their bets pay off ”.

Obviously, in the climate of the console war it is inevitable that some irreducible give up the hold of a reasonable doubt, after all it seems normal that a studio speaks well of the company that owns it, so such praise might sound unconvincing. However, the fact that the head of the studio intervened in person, which is very rare on the comments of the haters, should make their honesty of purpose clear. Also let’s not forget that Microsoft it has always been considered one of the companies with the best working climate in the world. All of this only reinforces the credibility of this statement.

As always when dealing with a topic, it is often those who know little who speak more, while those who know are silent or in any case spend few words. InXile Entertainment is the development studio behind the highly regarded Wastelands 3 and is currently working on the development of an unknown RPG title developed with theUnreal Engine 5 from Epic Games.