interview with the contest winner

Here we are again talking about the Cosenza Comics and Games 2022. This edition Restart full of news and long awaited by all fans of comics, video games and pop culture in all its facets, it made us thrilled as never before. If you missed last week’s special with a recap on the fair, you can read it.

Today, however, we are here to delve a little behind the scenes and discover together another passion that unites the participants of the comic fairs: the cosplay.

Cosenza Comics and Games 2022: we know the winner

We had the opportunity to interview Fabio “Oscurodrago” De Priscothe winner of the award for the best Cosplay of the 2022 edition of Cosenza Comics and Games.

How many years have you been doing Cosplay and how did this passion start?

It has always been something that has always interested me but in my city, Cosenzathere has never been a dedicated event until 2015year of the first Cosenza Comics which unfortunately happened the same weekend that I was out of town and couldn’t go there.

The following year in 2016 I finally managed to participate with a cosplay of Super Marioit was a very fun experience and so in 2017 I decided to participate in the cosplay competition with Linkit was a very simple cosplay but comparing myself with other cosplayers pushed me to continue and improve myself.

What was it like to come back after two years? How much did you miss the events in attendance?

Going back to doing events of this type in the presence was really nice, a feeling that I had missed her very muchcoming back to see many Cosplayer and non-Cosplayer friends in person and meeting new people is always a feeling that fills with joy. Also manage to carry one of the my creations made in lockdown it was truly rewarding.

What other characters did you play?

During my “career” as a cosplayer I have always tried to grow and improve myself. I started with a very simple one Super Mariowhich then became Luigi with the Poltergust 3000, they followed Link from TLoZ Twilight Princess And Link from Breath Of the Wild. Always drawing on my passion for videogames, I created theDrachen armor of the Dragoon of Final Fantasy XIV, which in a collaboration was also included in Monster Hunter World.

They followed Cloud Strife of Final Fantasy VII remake, Noctis of Final Fantasy XV and Bakugo by My Hero Academia, Tomioka Giyuu and Inosuke by Demon Slayer and the last cosplay I made was the Monster Hunter World Hunter with the armor of the Zinogre Stygus.

Why, on this occasion, did you choose the Monster Hunter hunter?

Monster Hunter is a game I’ve always loved and it has some armor really beautiful, on this occasion I brought this cosplay because it was the last one made. And also what a technical level it is the most beautiful and complete one.

Which of the games in the series have you played and which one is your favorite?

I started playing Monster Hunter from Freedom Unite for PSP but at the time it was very mechanical and it didn’t take me very much, then I tried again with Monster Hunter Tri for Wii and I liked it a lot. From there I played them all, but what is currently my favorite is Monster Hunter Worldwhich has introduced many new features, streamlining the gameplay and making the game more enjoyable, furthermore the transition to high definition graphics has made it possible to better appreciate the whole game world, the monsters and above all the armor.

Tell us about the making of the costume: what materials did you use, how long did it take you, did you get help from someone or did you do everything yourself?

The costume is entirely made by methanks to the experience accumulated with the previous cosplay I was able to make the entire armor within two months and a little more.

The materials used are varied, mainly Foam with different densities based on the piece he was going to compose.

Did you also participate in other contests before this year’s Cosenza Comics and Games?

Yup, since 2017 I started taking part in contests, the first few times it was just to laugh, then I decided to improve myself and I started accumulating victories, currently I have won:

  • The Landscape Roads 2018 – Best Cosplay
  • Cosenza Comics 2019 – Best Cosplay
  • Amantea Comics 2019 – Best Male Cosplay
  • The Landscape Roads 2019 – Second Qualified
  • Lamezia Comics- 2021 – Best Cosplay
  • Comicon Napoli 2022 – Best Cosplay Cosplay Challenge
  • Cosenza Comics 2022 – Best Cosplay.
Fabio De Prisco Cosenza Comics 2022
Fabio’s performance at the Cosenza Comics and Games 2022 contest

Up for grabs for the winner was the trip to Lucca Comics & Games. Will you bring Monster Hunter back or do you have other plans?

If I can I would like to bring my own armor Zinogre Stygus even in Lucca, I know that on a national level the challenge becomes even more difficult because throughout Italy there are really good cosplayers who make fantastic Cosplay, but already being there is a victory.

I am eagerly awaiting the release of Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak And Final Fantasy XVImaybe I will be delighted by new armor and I will be “forced” to create something new!

We thank Fabio for his courtesy and we renew the congratulations for the realization of the costume (which from the star is even more beautiful than in the photo) and for the impressive exhibition. If you are passionate about cosplay and video games, you can follow Fabio on his Facebook page And Instagram.