instructions to cancel a purchase

How to get a refund on the Google Play Store – Instructions for canceling a purchase.

All mobile phones that work with the Android operating system have a built-in Google Play Market store. It brings together a large amount of content available both for free download and for purchase in exchange for money. If the user is not satisfied with the purchase, he can make a return in the Google Play Market. Below, we explain the details of returns and how they can be made.

What money is spent on in the Play Market

Contrary to popular belief, Play Market is not just a store for downloading games and apps. It also offers music, books and other types of content. Consequently, you can potentially get a refund for:

  • games;
  • Applications;
  • In-game and in-app purchases, including subscriptions;
  • Google Play Pass subscription;
  • films;
  • music;
  • books;
  • the press

Thus, it is possible to issue a refund for almost any content. However, you must follow certain rules and study the detailed refund instructions.

Reasons for returns

Returns are made with or without reason. You will have a better chance of getting your money back if you describe the situation in detail. As a general rule, the money will be returned if:

  • item does not match description;
  • the application does not work properly or there are problems with the playback of other types of content;
  • the product was deemed useless or unnecessary;
  • the purchase was made by mistake.

The reasons stated above will apply to any type of content purchased through the Google Play Market. However, there are additional specifications for each type, which are the deadlines for requesting reimbursement.

How to return them

If you’ve spent money on a Google Play app or movie, you can get it back if the purchase doesn’t meet your expectations. There are several ways to do this, as described below.

Through the app

You can cancel your subscription or obtain a refund for a particular content purchase directly through the Play Market. For this you will need:

  • Tap on the profile icon.
  • Go to “Account” and then to “Purchase History”.
  • Select one of your most recent purchases.
  • Press the “Payment Refund” button and confirm the transaction.

The “Payment Refund” button will also be found on the page of the game, book or movie in the Google Play Store. You will have to click on it in the same way and confirm the operation.

If the purchase has been made within an application already purchased or installed, the refund must be processed through the application itself. In this case, universal instructions cannot be identified, since the interface of each application is different. So if you can’t find a refund within the game or app, please use one of the alternative methods.

Through a request for support

If you can’t find the “Payment Refund” button in either your Play Store account settings or the app page, try contacting Google support. In this case, we will be interested in the page located at

All you have to do is follow the instructions that will appear on the screen:

  • Press the “Continue” button.
  • Specify from which account the purchase was made.
  • Select the purchase.
  • Confirm the return.

If you can’t refund using the first form, go to All user appeals, including those related to making payments through the Google Play Market, are accepted here.

Contact the promoter

Lastly, you can directly contact the developer who published the book, movie, or app for the Android operating system. To find out the promoter’s contact details, do the following

  • Go to the page of the application you are interested in.
  • Expand the Developer Link tab.

The item specified will provide an email address or other contact details to contact the developers of the game or software. Write an appeal to this address, detailing the details of the problem and the reason for the return.

refund policy

A user spends money in the Play Market on games, applications, books, music and other goods and services, including subscriptions. If a person buys a game, they can play it. You can also make an in-game purchase to speed up your progress or buy a movie to watch offline on your mobile phone.

Of course, each content is unique and therefore the refund rules are different.


When you make a game or software purchase, you have 48 hours to request a refund. This period is considered a trial period and de facto allows you to use the application for free. The same goes for in-game purchases and subscriptions made through a computer program (for example, to access an online movie theater).

It is important. If you have made multiple purchases, you will receive a refund for all items at once. Also note that refunds are only given once, meaning they are not available after reinstalling the app.

As for the return principle itself, it is recommended to use the first two methods described above. It is also possible to contact the developer directly, in which case you will most likely be redirected to the Google support page or the Play Store.


The situation is slightly different with movies. When this type of content is purchased, the user has 7 days to obtain a refund. However, the money will only be refunded if you have not played the video.

In the event that the user has started to play the video, but there is an error during playback, they also have the option to request a refund. And you have 65 days for that at once. At the same time, it must be understood that when contacting the support service, the owner of the mobile phone will have to provide evidence of playback problems.


Through the Google Play Music service, people buy a monthly subscription or individual albums and songs. Unfortunately, it is not possible to get a refund for a subscription. In any case, this is what Google’s internal rules say, but the help desk, among other things, considers personal appeals from users with a detailed description of the situation. Songs and albums can be refunded for an unlimited time, but only if there are playback issues.


The rules for returning individual books are exactly the same as for movies. That is, the user has the right to a refund within 7 days if he has not started reading the book and within 65 days if he has not read it correctly (for a set of books, there is a of 180 days). Audiobook refund is only available in South Korea.


Reimbursement of Google Play Press material is only possible in case of misreading. Google’s rules do not specify any time limit. Subscriptions are canceled within 7 days or indefinitely if you have any issues with playback.