Insider: Ubisoft is working on the next Prince of Persia – a 2.5D action game

Insider: Ubisoft is working on the next Prince of Persia - a 2.5D action game.

On top of The Sands of Time remake announced in 2020.

The next game about Prince of Persia was reported by sources from Tom Henderson, who collected information about upcoming Ubisoft projects for the Xfire portal.

According to him, with what subtitle this game will be released is still unknown, but, apparently, it will be somewhat closer to the first two parts of the series, released in 1989 and 1993. Sources describe this Prince of Persia as a 2.5D action game inspired by Ori and the Blind Forest and its sequel by Moon Studios. The project is being developed by employees of Ubisoft Montpellier and, possibly, other studios of the company.

Prince of Persia - a 2.5D action game

At the moment, neither other details about the game nor its approximate release date are known, but information can be shared in the near future. According to Henderson, Ubisoft prepared a big presentation of Forward, which was planned to be held before the start of the summer and E3 2022, but most likely was postponed for some time.

Insiders also noted that the remake of Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, which was presented in 2020, is still in active development. The game is undergoing major changes following the negative fan reaction to the announcement, but when the next trailer will be shown is unclear exactly.

The last time Ubisoft mentioned The Sands of Time remake was in their report for the first half of the fiscal year 2022, announcing that the release will take place between April 2022 and March 2023.