INDIE WORLD – Italian Developers Summit

On the day of May 19 was held, organized by Nintendo in partnership with IIDEAa new INDIE WORLD – Italian Developers Summitthe appointment dedicated to independent studies who develop games on Nintendo Switch.

The event, one live streaming occurred in conjunction with the start of Turin Book Fairhe saw three very Italian development teams discuss the topic of videogame storytellingon the uniqueness of the relationship between interactivity and narrationand on all of those peculiarity of the medium that make it different from other forms of entertainment such as books, movies or TV series.

INDIE WORLD - Italian Developers Summit

During digital round table intervened, with the moderation of the journalist and editor of Corriere della Sera Fabrizia Malgieri:

Before delving into the pivotal theme of the interview, the three guests were asked to tell about the independent realities from which they come. Let’s see them together!

Tommaso Loiacono – Cordens Interactive

The one of Cordens Interactive is, to use the words of the same Tommaso Loiaconoa “small reality. “

Cordens Interactive

Founded in 2019 together with his colleague Matteo, the development house is made up entirely of employees under 30 who joined the mission of the company “Try to tell stories, within games in two dimensions, with a strong authorial imprint.”

“We wanted there to be a lot of us in these games, and Vesper, which is our first game out right now, is the first step we’ve taken in the video game industry.”


In what Game DirectorLoiacono dealt entirely with the Game Design he was born in Narrative Design of the game, as well as much of the work of programming; a type of commitment multifaceted, as often happens in independent realities. Now, with his work starting to bear fruit, Loiacono is starting to “Enjoy the calm after the storm.”

INDIE WORLD - Italian Developers Summit - First Part 1

Marco Agricola – Trinity Team

Trinity Team is, according to Marco Agricola, “A small group of freelance video game professionals.”

Trinity Team

Founded in Bologna in 2015the firm is mainly composed of professionals who have come to train under the leadership of Ivan Venturihistorical figure of the sector in Italy, e accustomed to creating video games in total autonomy. To this Agricola is no exception: in his curriculum, in fact, the realization of RIOT – Civil Unresta video game that deals with the subject of riotsreleased on PC and console.

INDIE WORLD - Italian Developers Summit - First Part 2

The four partners who make up the team are linked “The beans, the beer, the sausage and Bud Spencer and Terrence Hill.” Certainly not a surprise, considering that these are the ones who achieved Bud Spencer & Terence Hill: Slaps and Beans.

INDIE WORLD - Italian Developers Summit 3-20 screenshot

Their latest effort, The Darkest Taleswill be available from June 16 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, Nintendo Switch And PC.

The Darkest Tales

Giacomo Masi – Stormind Games

For Giacomo Masithe goal of Stormind Games it’s very clear:

“We specialize in intense stories, which can leave their mark on the players by creating a unique combination and total synergy between the art department (the company’s trademark), the story, and the gameplay elements.”

INDIE WORLD - Italian Developers Summit

It is no coincidence that Masi, Narrative Director of the study, he immediately reiterated how the narrative component play a role “Weighty” within the company, an aspect, according to him, not very common.


It is about one of the biggest realities among those born in Italy, and the studio is now close to the release of his first IP originatesle: Batora: Lost Havena action RPG which will be available later this year on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PC And Nintendo Switch.

To find out how these three independent studios relate to video game storytelling, don’t miss Part Two!