Indiana Jones, the Bethesda game will be a declaration of love to the saga

Video game producer Todd Howard has defined the work as the definitive declaration of love to Indiana Jones.

Todd Howard video game producer dedicated to Indiana Jones praised the work done by Machine Games. At the beginning of last year, Bethesda and the development studio have confirmed that they are working on a new video game centered on the famous adventurer played by Harrison Ford. Despite the title and Indiana Jones 5 were developed at the same time, feature film and video game will not be connected to each other.

It’s currently unclear if the game will be engaging in any way Harrison Ford lending him the voice or simply with a likeness, Todd Howard however, during an interview he spoke openly about the video game using important words.

Probably more important details on the video game will come with the release of the new chapter of Indiana Jones at the cinema.

During the podcast of Lex FriedmanHoward has certainly not hidden his love for Indiana Jones, stating precisely that the video game was on his to-do list. In the 2009 the manufacturer proposed the title to LucasArts and for a number of reasons it was never made: the cards on the table changed only when Disney bought the franchise.

Howard described Machine Games as the perfect study to highlight the wonderful work done finally coming to define the project as the ultimate love letter to Indiana Jones. During the chat, the producer was able to talk about the video game genre, explaining that it will not be a classic action/adventurebut a real mix that will include elements that the creative team wanted to include!

Currently we do not have important details on the video game, the release date has not yet been indicated although the processing seems to be proceeding in the right direction. Certainly the new declarations of Howard they will serve to increase even more the expectation of the fans of the franchise that has marked several generations over the years. Bethesda will probably use the arrival of the film to advertise the video game!

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