Inactive accounts? They could be auctioned and resold!

Do you have a Twitter account that you haven’t used for a long time? Be careful because not long your old profile covered in “digital dust” could be auctioned off. This is to allow the company currently led by Elon Musk to raise funds for a company that hasn’t been doing very well lately. The news was reported by the New York Times which in a recent article reveals that the company is currently evaluating this possibility.

According to the newspaper, conversations about these possible username auctions have been going on for as long as last month. At the moment, however, Twitter has not answered any questions relating to the subject, leaving everything shrouded in mystery. Also last month Elon Musk, CEO of Twitter, declared his intention to want remove approximately 1.5 billion inactive accounts from the platformthereby freeing up space for several usernames. At the time of this statement, however, Musk made no mention of any plans to sell the aforementioned accounts. But this potential account sales plan comes at a time when Twitter is looking for new ways to generate new revenue.

Indeed, Musk’s $44 billion purchase of the social network has burdened the company with rising interest payments. It is also for this reason that the company has found itself having to reduce its workforce by almost 50% and to insert a new $8 monthly subscription in order to have a blue check on its profile.


Despite everything, Elon Musk himself has already reiterated several times that the failure of the platform cannot be excluded by now. This is where the sale of inactive accounts could come into play, a sale that could lead to restoring the platform’s coffers. Of course, one important question remains: are we sure that the usernames on these inactive accounts will actually entice someone to spend money on them?

Source: New York Times