in the future more and more money on IPs

PlayStation it’s surely one of the most important brands in the gaming sector. The company continuously grinds successes and consentsplacing an incredible number of consoles and producing some of the most popular video games, we mention, by way of example, titles such as God of War, The Last of Us, Ratchet & Clank and many others.

After the confirmation of the renewed rivalry with Xbox and the fact that these consoles, for the first time in a long time, have surpassed those PlayStation, they are circulating news on the strategy of the Japanese corporation.

PlayStation: large investments for IPs

Sony seems to have understood that one of the the most important asset for its future is undoubtedly that relating to its IPthat is, those important individual properties that helped create the success of the consoles.

PlayStation 5

The will is very clear, invest a lot of money in this sectornot only producing new IPs or developing new video games over the existing ones, but also aiming at themed films, merchandising objects and, for example, TV series (The Last of Us, let’s talk about you!).

So here is the fact that now that of Sony has become a real brand which goes beyond the reference console, and this is also confirmed by the publication of exclusives on the PC market. God of War, in this regard, on Steam was a success.


One thing is now certain, the market offers more and more possibilities and staying afloat requires developing new strategies functional to the diversification of the reference target and to revenue maximizationalso because not all companies have the same financial resources as Microsoft.

The future looks brighter than ever and PlayStation has very clear ideas about it.