In the case of PlayStation games in the US, the judge did not stop Activision from being kicked out

In the US, PlayStation Games is trying to stop Activision’s takeover, but sd got their way first. Specifically, the judge rejected the request for a preliminary measure to stop the robbery. So, practically only the UK and the CMA’s decision stand in the way of Microsoft’s withdrawal.

as for the PlayStation game itself, it’s more or less an abomination (not too happy) of first-timers who found games that don’t sound like Microsoft is buying Activision. In the complaint, they claim that there will be no Call of Duty on PS consoles after that. Even though they admitted that they don’t play Activision games. More or less, I just want to make money out of it for the beginners, respectively, if Sony will help them, as well as the possible stop of the download. However, they did not succeed at first. More precisely, Sony did not succeed anywhere in Call of Duty. Vety council dismissed their concerns, if anyone had comments, it was only about the cloud. In addition, even if this sd stopped now, PlayStation games would have to give several billion dollars as security.

It will still continue, even if it’s difficult to reach, if Microsoft leaves Call of Duty on PlayStation consoles anyway.

Judge call:

“the plaintiffs have not proven that they will be irreparably harmed if the insult occurs before the decision in the case herself. IN There is nothing to indicate that after the merger, Microsoft will make an attempt to make the versions of Call of Duty currently owned by the plaintiffs somehow stop working, let alone that they really want to do so. Then, after a bad game, the game is exactly the same in a way, akm played with their friends before the accident.

It is unlikely that Microsoft will release any new version of Call of Duty that will be available before the decision, exclusively for Microsoft platforms.

Now Microsoft, more or less, only if it agrees with the CMA in a timely manner, or the UK will allow it. If the bag does not decide to go ahead and Microsoft wants to end it, it will go ahead even without their opt-out. Then only the FTC in America will say buy back. The FTC will probably try to pre-empt the rip-off in court. But it was similar in the case of Meta Within, apparently they won’t succeed here either, if you don’t have arguments.

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