in development a new portable console after PS Vita?

Important rumors have been circulating in recent days regarding the new PlayStation 5 Pro, ready to revolutionize the console again, this time focusing on a much improved Ray Tracing sector. In tandem, However, the news of a new Sony portable console also returns, even if its development status is still unknown!

To say this is RedGamingTech, who on Twitter replies to a post regarding new PlayStation 5 Pro news, mentioning the development of a spiritual sequel to the PlayStation Vita. The information, so far, is the same as what we had at the end of 2021, but RedGaming also adds Sony would have completely revised the console during the first phase of development.

At this point, the Twitter account says that the news regarding the new PlayStation Portable ends here, and that to date it is not even sure that Sony is still carrying out the project.


In short, although at the moment the rumors are focused on the possible hardware of the “Pro” model of the PlayStation console, rumors continue to be heard about the sequel to the PlayStation Vita. Is it possible to be optimistic? Difficult to say, even if we hope to be able to hear it continue talkingperhaps even in an official press release from the Japanese company!

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Source: RedGamingTech