“Illegal and deceptive packages”, user sues Blizzard

There seems to be no peace for Activision Blizzardwhich once again seems to find herself stuck in an uncomfortable situation, this time for the accusation by a user concerning the package system used in Hearthstonethe popular free-to-play card game dedicated to the world of Warcraft. The thing, as reported, could lead to a real class-action.

Just recently the company had won a lawsuit to uphold its policy regarding Overwatch’s loot boxes, and not even the time to bear in mind that we are already preparing to deal with a thorny situation. A user, or rather the father of a young girl who plays Hearthstone, brought a class-action action against Blizzard in agreement with his attorney, suggesting that the package system adopted in the card game “Mislead the players”especially minors, towards non-refundable purchases.

The lawyer reported that Nathan Harris’s daughter (this is the man’s name) would spend more than 300 Dollars playing Hearthstone from 2019-2021, using his father’s card for payments without his permission. Furthermore, he argues that the minor made such purchases without knowing the actual probability of getting “good cards”, and not knowing that he could not get a refund. As if that were not enough, he also claimed that the little girl would not have to tell him him “Hardly ever received valuable cards”.

The prosecution suggests that minors should have the right to “cancel contracts”, to get out or get a refund, which is not the case with Blizzard and the game, which does not have some parental control or similar features. However, this is not the only requestsince the class action would like to include all minors who have purchased packages with real money (which however would be hundreds, if not thousands).

Blizzard would have already responded to the indictment, starting with moving the case to a court with the appropriate jurisdiction. Furthermore he also stated that since the game launched, the game has had more than a billion in revenueimplying that it would now be impossible to involve anyone who has made purchases, and to verify whether or not they are minors.

Let it be one lawful causeor whether it is mainly negligence on the part of the prosecution, it is not up to us to judge itbut to the courtand for this very reason we invite you to stay on our pages, where we will inform you of the evolution of the story.