IIDEA shows an increase in eSports in Italy

IIDEA it is now known in the sector for its great importance; let’s talk aboutAssociation of Italian Video Game Developers Publishers par excellence who, in 2020, collaborated with the Minister of Culture to finally bring justice to the videogame sector on our soil. Video games are finally recognized as a cultural phenomenon and various competitions and decrees have been held to support the Italian companies that deal with our main passion. After so much work, here comes another great news: eSports growsespecially in Italy.

The association in question publishes, quite periodically, reports that mainly concern the videogame market and in the latest data collection there is a big surprise. As it turns out, interest in eSports has grown on Italian soil and not only thanks to the latter retaliation made to some LAN rooms of our acquaintance. We talked about it in a few articles in recent days and the situation has evolved, leading to a procedural reopening after the necessary checks. The market that mainly affects our sector has a value, in Italy, of over 2 billion euros.

IIDEA publishes mind-boggling data, with a marked improvement every minute

Of those 2 billion, however, at least 1.8 comes from software and this leads to one conclusion: the technology and information sector is also making great strides. A future consequence will be to have new jobs, exponential market growth and new interests. 63% of men with an average age of 28 showed great interest towards the world of eSports, especially towards shooters, Battle Royale and MOBAs. On Twitch, in fact, they are among the most followed video games.

“The data illustrates a market that in our country is experiencing a phase of consolidation, underlining how positive both the current scenario and future development prospects are in terms of business development.” he has declared Marco Saletta, president ofAssociation.

To represent what is said is precisely Twitch Primefree for owners of Amazon Prime. A single subscription to have more services and the one of greatest interest, at least 24%, seems to be that of the well-known streaming service. Those who habitually buy a subscription, however, are perceived a monthly income exceeding € 1,500.00.