if it became Xbox exclusive it would be good for Battlefield, says the CEO of Electronic Arts

We know how the rivalry between Call of Duty and Battlefield has been going on for years and years, without stopping. Almost as if wanting to shake souls even more, Andrew Wilson, CEO of EA, made a very direct statement to the competitor. His statement came during a Goldman Sachs conference. Wilson’s words were reported by Stephen Totilo, Axios portal reporter. Let’s see it together.

First, Andrew Wilson began his speech by stating that the last two chapters of the Battlefield series have not lived up to expectations. “There is a lot of work to be done there. But in its nature there is an extraordinary IP. And we have seen how a large IP is resilient in the entertainment world. We’ve seen movies, you know, that didn’t live up to the franchise’s expectations, Star Wars could be one of them. And then you can see what happens when you have the right creative team involved, how they can reinvent and grow a franchise“.

In fact, at the launch, both BF 5 and above all 2042, were inundated with various criticisms. There were many bugs and problems that plagued and still plague the last chapter. The future of the saga, however, looks bright, given that, according to Wilson, “we have the right team for the job. Wilson concludes by alluding to Call of Duty. According to Wilson, being a cross-platform series is a great opportunity for Battlefield.


Wilson in fact said: “And in a world where there are questions about the future of Call of Duty and what platform it might or might not reach, being console-agnostic and fully cross-platform with Battlefield I think is an incredible opportunity“. Wilson refers to Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision. The Redmond company, however, has already reiterated how the game will continue to be released on PlayStation for a long time to come. For the next Battlefield, however, we will have to wait until 2024, according to Tom Henderson.

However, it must be said that Microsoft sees the concept of exclusivity in a slightly different way than the competition. The company, in fact, aims to ensure that users can enjoy their games on multiple platforms, thus taking advantage of options such as the Cloud, in addition to Xbox and PC.

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Source: Stephen Totilo