Icarus received a major update and improved hunting-Details

Icarus received a major update and improved hunting

This week brings improvements to hunting and animals, as well as a new group of consumables collected from cave worms + two new missions. These two missions, Unearthed: Research and Cryogenic: Research, are available immediately, while Unearthed: Research unlocks the ability to collect scales from cave worms to craft them into a new bow, knife, and spear from the Scaled Weapons category. There are also new consumables from existing animals, and Giant Steaks and Big Bones now drop from hunted creatures. It’s time to go hunting!

Collecting consumables from animals

A number of new consumables from mining bring variety to the food pool, providing new buffs and balancing hunting with farming improvements from the last few updates. These meat groups are considered “rare” and will have a lower drop rate but a higher yield in return. Elephants and Mammoths can now be crafted into Giant Steaks. “Large Bones” can drop from various bears, and game meat is obtained from medium-sized prey such as deer and buffalo. There is also the soft meat of young deer and rabbits, as well as the sinewy meat of predators such as wolves and jaguars. It is worth paying attention to the new white meat of wild boars, which in the future the developers will expand to other types. And don’t forget the boar bacon!

Along with the new animal loot, the creators of the game have added a meat drying system to craft consumables that provide various buffs and benefits. Drying cabinets will allow you to turn various cuts of meat into much more interesting options than a fire or oven will offer you. Be sure to take advantage of this new type of meat harvesting.

Scale weapons

An exciting addition to the game are the collectible cave worm scales, which introduce a whole new level of weaponry. Killed worms drop scales that can be used to craft new weapons, similar to how bone weapons are crafted. However, in order to unlock this combat gear, players must first complete the new Unearthed: Research mission, which unlocks the ability to craft this weapon.

This type of equipment has the special benefit of inflicting poison on impact, helping you take out tougher opponents during long chases.We’ve decided to move away from the usual top-notch meats and expand into group-specific meats, each with their own unique buff, to further expand the way players cook with their perfect food before they venture out to explore Icarus.

New missions

Two new missions will be added to the game this week. One of them is the next step in the existing quest chain, and the other represents the latest level of scaly weaponry.

Unearthed: Research

In this mission, the UDA is expanding its planetary exploration using brand-new technology. You will need to complete and activate the Sample Analyzer in order to research new recipes obtained from local resources on Icarus. The player will be rewarded with a copy of these new recipes for their efforts.

Cryogenic Research

On this mission, Sinotai has launched a new investigation to gather information about potential exotic mutations in animals living on Icarus. You will need to obtain a sample from certainly saved creatures. Due to the nature of their preservation, these specimens may be difficult to obtain.

And now let’s move on to the corrections and balance changes in the game. You can study the changelog in more detail by clicking on the link, and I offer the most interesting for review.

  • New types of meat have been added to replace the main meat – Stringy Meat, White Meat, Large T-Bone, Giant Steak, Game Meat, Tender Meat. They have a chance to drop from all animals;
  • Added drying rack. This is a new processing structure that allows you to turn rare meats into a cured version for preservation;
  • AI has been improved. Aggressive creatures will no longer fixate on just certain targets. The neutral buffalo, if angered, will attack with jerks;
  • Fixed filling of the rain tank in the shelter;
  • There is no longer a bug that prevented players from manually watering crops;
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when changing weather conditions;
  • Caveworm now takes damage from a critical hit;
  • Added another cave in the southeast corner of the map;
  • Fixed several cases where dialogue with subtitles did not match the audio;
  • There is no longer a bug due to which some foliage became invisible after loading a new area