“I understand that many are not ready to see me after the Oscars”

During the promotional tour of Emancipation – Beyond freedom the protagonist of the film, Will Smith, h he’s back to talking about what many consider to be the elephant in the room. In fact, the actor returned to talk about the slap given to his colleague Chris Rock during the last edition of the Night of the Oscars. The actor admitted that he is aware that many may not have digested the gesture yet. This is why Smith is ready for a welcome that could turn out to be much colder than it used to be.

During an interview, Indeed, Smith explained that he understands all those people who do not feel ready yet for his return to the cinema. Indeed, despite the various apologies made by the actor, the slap given to Rock is still imprinted in the minds of many and it could still take some time before this part of the public puts a stone on it.

I can totally understand if someone doesn’t feel ready yet. I respect this position and believe that everyone should have all the space necessary to not feel ready to see the film yet. My greatest wish is that my actions don’t end up penalizing my team“.


And it is precisely on the team behind Emancipation that Will Smith seems to have the greatest concerns. The actor is in fact worried that, despite the great work done by the members of the crew, having collaborated could lead to a poor consideration of what has been done. “My biggest concern is with my team, Antoine has shot what I think is the greatest work of his career. The people who are part of this team have done some of the best work of their careers. I don’t want my actions to penalize that. At this point this is what I want to work on“.

Emancipation tells the story of Peter (Will Smith), a slave on the run from a Louisiana plantation after nearly being whipped to death by one of his overseers. As he travels north to join the Union Army, Peter will have to rely on his wits, his unwavering faith, and his deep love for his family to escape his pursuers, their ferocious hounds, and the treacherous swamps of the Louisiana. The film will be shown in select theaters on December 2, 2022 and will be available to all Apple TV+ subscribers starting next December 9, 2022.

Source: Kevin McCarthy