I, The Inquisitor announced for PC and next-gen consoles!

The development team The Dust SA just announced I, The Inquisitora action adventure which places great emphasis on narrative sector and which is based on the novels of Jacek Piekara.

Some details on I, The Inquisitor

The game, as well as Piekara’s works, will be set in a world of alternate historywhich diverges from ours in the moment in which Jesus of Nazareth answered his crucifixion with fury and wrath rather than with forgiveness and compassion.

They will take on the role of Mordimer Madderdinan inquisitor who is a member of a group that acts as executor of the divine law which is narrated in the Bible. It will be up to the player decide whether to show mercy to sinners or punish them for their crimes.

I, The Inquisitor

The title therefore suggests the presence of non-linear main story missions, where it will be possible to decide the fate of those who will meet along the way.

“Cases will be solved and crimes of those who have transgressed the Faith will be uncovered, all while trying to uncover the truth about a dark evil from another world trying to break into the world of the living.”

I, The Inquisitor

The game is currently scheduled to launch PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X / S And PC. For more informationyou can consult the Steam Store page here.