“I couldn’t be more thrilled!”

Naughty Dog is, as we know, already working on the next project. Although the nature of the same is unknown at the moment, many clues suggest that the flagship team of the PlayStation Studios lineup is working on a remake, most likely that of The Last of Us. Sony Interactive Entertainment has clearly followed the latest events, and for this reason he decided to ride the hype… generating even more.

On his Twitter profile, in fact, the Head of PlayStation Studios Hermen Hulst confirmed that he had “visited” his colleagues Evan Wells and Neil Druckmann at the Naughty Dog studios. The head of PlayStation Studios has therefore revealed that he has seen what the team is working on, and he is delighted.

“I finally got a chance to spend some of my time with Evan Wells, Neil Druckmann and his – ridiculously – talented Naughty Dog team. I couldn’t be more excited about what the team is preparing “Hermen Hulst explains on his Twitter profile.


As we have said, no one, apart from those directly involved, knows what the game is. Naughty Dog is officially busy on The Last of Us Part 2: Factionswhich is the multiplayer mode of GOTY 2020. According to various insiders, however, this would not be the only project in the works.

To corroborate their thesis was the linkedin profile of one of the Naughty Dog employees, where it is highlighted as the team is officially working on a Remake. Other insiders then rode the wave, explaining how the main candidate is The Last of Us Remake, and how the latter can surprise even those who have already stripped the first chapter.

For Jeff Grubb, a well-known videogame journalist, the project in question would already be well advanced, enough to take it as probable in 2022. In short, it would be perfect to accompany the launch of the TV series, don’t you think? Of the latter, among other things, the filming is almost finished, and the ending seems to coincide with “that scene”.

Source: Twitter