hurry up! “Borderlands 3” is being distributed for free at the Epic Games Store, until May 27 (list price: about 8,000 yen) | EAA !! FPS News

The Epic Games Store has started free distribution of the PC version of “Borderlands 3” from May 20th to May 27th.

Free distribution of PC / normal version “Borderlands 3”!

The Epic Games Store distributes free PC game titles every week, which you can get by simply logging in to your Epic Games account and making a purchase. Of course, you can play even after the free distribution period has expired.

From today, the Epic Games Store is open to the public.Epic Mega SaleIs held. It advertises that it will distribute four large game titles for free as the centerpiece of the sale, and as the first step, the PC / normal version “Borderlands 3” will be distributed for free (Store page)it was done.

“Borderlands 3” is the latest numbering title in the “Borderlands” series of router shooter FPS, which features a crazy story woven by flying characters and a huge amount of side quests.

There is also a big discount sale for the luxury version

This time, only the “normal version” that contains the main game is distributed, but various editions that include the season pass and DLC, “super deluxe edition”, “ultimate edition”, and “season pass bundle” are also available.Up to 67% OFFOn sale.

If you like this free distribution, or if you already have it but still want to enjoy it, why not take this opportunity to dive into the crazy world?


¥ 20,980 (As of 2022/05/20 20:26 | According to Amazon research)

Source: Epic Games

hurry up!
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hurry up!