Hunter x Hunter is about to return, official details on the new chapters

Hunter x Hunter is about to make its return with new chapters after a very long waiting time. One of the assistants who works together with Yoshihiro Togashithe creator of the manga, wanted to give some details on the return of the work.

Recently Hunter x Hunter fans woke up with some really good news: the manga is about to return with all new chapters. Togashi himself revealed it after creating a Twitter account. In addition, he also made it known that some chapters of the series have already been completed. The series has been missing from Weekly Shonen Jump since 2018, so know it stands for coming back really created a lot of hype in readersbut also lack of interest in those who have abandoned reading due to too much waiting time.

According to said by the assistant on Twitter, it seems that the mangaka is preparing 10 chapters to be published, as happened last time. Yes, in 2018. In addition, he also made it known that four chapters are over. Which already makes fans speculate as to what it might arrive for this new story arcsince it is still in the early stages.

The good news then is that Hunter x Hunter is not only ready to make his return, but it seems that this time Togashi has a clear idea of ​​what to do. But on the other side of the coin we have too long a hiatus that may have bored us and made many readers lose hope, who may not read the new chapters. That’s because they wouldn’t want to wait that long again to read what’s going to happen in Hunter x Hunter. Ultimately, the manga is making a comeback and will soon be published in Weekly Shonen Jumpbut for the arrival in Italy it will take a little longer, since it will be necessary to do translation and adaptation work to create the volumes.