Humble Games showcased 8 new games

The Humble Games publisher already has several successful games behind it, so it is doing well and still growing. In their new Humble Games Showcase 2023, they showed 8 upcoming games and we got some surprises. You can watch it all in the recording from the stream, and specifically it includes:

  • Lost Skies – a new game from Bossa Games that will offer survival cooperation for 1-6 players on flying islands
  • Wizard of Legend 2 – 3D action dungeon crawler with online cooperation for 4 players
  • #BLUD – a unique dungeon crawler that blurs the line between game and 2D animation
  • Bō: Path of the Teal Lotus – 2.5D action platformer inspired by Japanese folklore
  • Breeze in the Clouds – 2D hand-drawn action platformer with a dog in the main role
  • Cataclismo – a construction game where you will build fortresses in a dark medieval fantasy world
  • Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical – a combination of adventure and musical, which will be released on PC on August 3. BioWare screenwriter David Gaider, award-winning composer Austin Wintory and actors Troy Baker and Laura Bailey are behind the game
  • Supraland: Six Inches Under – first person metroidvania, which was released on PS and Xboxes (there is a game directly in Game Pass)

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