Hugh Jackman really wanted to be done with Wolverine before Deadpool 3

Hugh Jackman has made statements regarding Deadpool 3film in which his leading character, Wolverinewill team up with the character played by Ryan Reynolds. The iconic protagonist of X-Men confessed that the actor had a key role in his decision to return to play the role of Wolverineconfirming that after the film “Logan“, released in 2017, he thought he had given the right conclusion to his story.

Jackman he told of the insistence that marked Reynolds regarding the matter, declaring that the plaintiff of Deadpool she constantly pressed him to try and convince him. During the filming of “The Music Man“, Broadway musical in which he starred, Hugh Jackman he realized he wanted to star in Deadpool 3 as Broadway, and immediately reached out Reynolds to see if he was still interested. The latter could hardly believe it, and he obviously accepted.

Deadpool 3 however, it remains very far from the release, scheduled for November 8, 2024. Obviously, given how much is missing from the publication of the title, at the moment no details relating to the plot or the cast that will accompany Hugh Jackman And Ryan Reynolds in the movie. The little known information was revealed in a video in which the two actors talk about the production, published on YouTube.