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Today, January 14, 2023, Blizzard Entertainment announced the release of Overwatch 2news pageupdated.Exclusive to Junker Queen, implemented as a Season 2 Premium Battle Pass Tier 80 rewardBehind the Birth of Mythic Skin “Zeus”has been published.

How the Mythic Skin for Junker Queen was Created

Below, we will summarize the points of concern from the player’s perspective, focusing on the remarks of senior VFX artist “Greg Knowlton” released this time.

Visual effects fit for a queen

  • The biggest difference between Mythic and Legendary skins isUpdated visual effects and customization elements.
  • Junker Queen’s gear already uses a lot of supercharged electricity, so we’re going to emphasize that even more with this Zeus-themed skin.
  • The common point between thunder and queen is rock and rollwas a perfect fit for mythic skin “Zeus”.
  • Ultimate has been changed to a production that imagines a dangerous storm with metal and electricity swirling. Not only does it shoot lightning, but it also carries electricity with its magnetic gauntlets.
  • Creating these ideas and implementing them in the gameA multi-faceted process involving many departments of the Overwatch development team.
    • Inevitably, during the production process, we will repeat the examination many times. How to maximize graphics while prioritizing gameplay comfort? How to keep your hero’s identity? How do I prevent skins from giving me advantages and disadvantages? Such.

Transformation from Queen to God

  • When adding new content to the game,Memory required to run the game on multiple platformsneed to be aware of
  • We don’t want to overload memory, so we innovate each time we create new textures for visual effects,Gaming performance always comes first.
  • As a general principle, we try not to use procedurally generated (automatically generated) textures in the game. for that reason,Almost all textures are hand drawn. Lightning striking Gracie’s target is a good example, and the lightning itself is hand-written and has its own shader added.
  • team isMythic skins will not give you an advantage or disadvantage in the gameI am particular about it.
  • Allies can now see all of the skin’s new visual effects,You don’t have to get used to all the new visual effects if you meet them as enemies.
    • “What do you mean…if you turn a corner and see Lucio. It’s part of it, so when you make a new texture you need to know who the original hero is, and it has to match the mood of that hero. It has to be conveyed to the player at a glance.”

A mythic team of mythic skins

  • Creating a Mythic skin requires all departments to work together, not just visual effects.
  • The concept art will inspire everyone, and the VFX team will freely build something that can exist in the world of “Overwatch” based on it.
    • Concept art, modeling, tech art, VFX, SFX… all departments work together as members of the Strike Team to inspire each other and transform ideas into unique experiences for new Mythic skins.
  • As teams build heroesThanks to their ingenuity in the backend, we were able to create skins like Mythic Skins.. The Mythic Skin system was built from scratch, but thanks to the amazing tools and team, we are able to add these fun elements to the game.
  • Since “Overwatch” could not implement such a function,Mythic Skins Are Exclusive to Overwatch 2It has become.
  • Thanks to backend improvements, you can now change the look and effects of a hero just like changing its skin. Heroes are already playable, each with their own well-established visual effects kit, allowing teams to pursue different looks, such as the Mythic Zeus skin.

The full text of “How a mythic skin for Junker Queen was designed to be awe-inspiring” isnews pagePlease confirm.Also, the behind the scenes until the birth of Genji’s exclusive Mythic skin “Cyber ​​Demon” implemented as a reward for Season 1 Premium Battle Pass Tier 80news pageIt is published in

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