how to use unlimited 25% off coupon

One more year the Epic Games Store has launched the Epic Super Offers, an event that for four weeks, from May 19 to June 16, will allow you to purchase more than 1,600 PC games at a discount. On this occasion, the store has replaced the 10 euro coupon from other occasions with a 25% discount that is renewed after each purchase. To encourage gamers to at least stop by to check it out, the Epic Games Store will be giving away one free game each week starting with Borderlands 3.

How does the 25% Epic coupon work? When the sales start, all Epic Games Store accounts will receive the coupon and it can be used to purchase any game already available in the store that is worth €14.99 or more, after any discounts. The coupon is unlimited, since each time a purchase is completed, another one is obtained. Coupons, which will expire on Thursday, June 16, 2022 at 5:00 p.m., cannot be used with pre-purchase or non-game purchases.

For example, Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, a game that is sold for 59.99 euros, has a 20% discount that leaves its price at 47.99 euros, but if we apply the 25% coupon, the title goes to cost 35, 99 euros. In the case of Ghostwire: Tokyo and Sifu, they can be purchased for 29.69 euros and 23.99 euros, respectively. Below, we list some of the games that are offered with some kind of discount during the Epic Super Deals, to which the 25% coupon must then be added.