How to update emoji and make iPhone emoticons on Android

How to update emoji and make iPhone emoticons on Android.

When we communicate with friends or colleagues on social media and messaging programs, we often use emoticons. They are used to convey our emotions so that the other party can better understand the message. However, the implementation of emoticons differs between operating systems. On iOS they look the same, while on Android they look completely different. To avoid confusion when communicating, we suggest you find out how to make iPhone emoticons on Android OS.

The difference between emoticons in different operating systems

Android and iOS are operating systems that use different ways to encode and decode information. This characteristic is expressed in everything, even in the implementation of emoticons.

Thus, if you want to insert a cookie emoji on an apple iPhone, you will see a round candy with chocolate specks in front of it. On pure Android devices the cookie will look similar, but on Samsung mobile phones with the OneUI shell on board you will see two cookies.

All other emoji and emoticons are equally different. And this is not a consequence of the difference between the operating systems, but an attempt to make a unique product. So an emoji with rolling eyes will have a closed mouth on an iPhone, and a half-open mouth on an Android.

What happens if you send a smiley face from iPhone to Android

The different approach to implementing emoticons affects messaging between owners of iOS and Android devices. It is true that if you send a crying emoticon from your iPhone to your interlocutor who uses an Android mobile phone, he will not see the laughing face. You’ll also see the crying emoji, but in a slightly different version.

Although operating system optimization may recognize the emoji type and send its counterpart to a device with a different operating system, some emoji variants may not be supported. In this case, instead of a colorful emoticon, you will see an icon with a question mark or a cross, without realizing what emotion you want to express in your message.

How to install iOS emoticons on Android

Emoticons are part of the on-screen keyboards and fonts interface package. Consequently, you can replace the standard text style or “keyboard” with an iPhone counterpart. Then the emoticons will look the same on your device as they do on your iPhone.

Installing third-party fonts

Thus, emoticons can be updated by installing a third-party font instead of the standard one. And here a reasonable question arises, how it is replaced. In Xiaomi mobile phones it is quite simple, and the owner of the device of the Chinese company only has to:

  • Open the “Themes” app.
  • Type the search query “iOS Emoji”.
  • Sets the font with the same name.

If your phone does not have a store to download interface elements, you will need to download the font manually. Use the search engine to find and download a text style that uses iPhone emoticons, then follow the instructions:

  • Open the phone settings.
  • Go to “Display” and then to “Source”.
  • Select the spelling variant you are interested in.

If the previously downloaded font does not appear in the list, move the file to the system/fonts directory, then reboot the device and repeat the operation.

Lastly, you can do a manual substitution using the iFonts app.

Installing an optional keyboard

The best way to change the standard emoji icons is to use a third-party keyboard. For example, the Emoji keyboard. It includes a set of iPhone emoticons, so you are asked to take a few steps:

  • Install the “keyboard” using Google Play Market or any other source.
  • Launch the app and give all necessary permissions.
  • Open device settings.
  • Go to “Language and input”.
  • Under the “Keyboards and input methods” tab, select the keyboard you are interested in.

Now when you type, a new keyboard with a set of iPhone emoticons will appear before you. Also, received messages will be displayed in the same way as on the apple iPhone.

Is it possible to add a memoji

In addition to emoji (emoticons) on the apple iPhone, there is another type of emoticon – a memoji. It is a unique emoticon that is created in the image and likeness of the user. Unfortunately, this feature is exclusive to apple and not available by default on Android.

However, Samsung mobile phones have their own counterpart. Perhaps other manufacturers will soon be able to create their own memes as well. However, it should be clarified here that the option only works when sending messages on mobile phones with the same firmware.

Posible problems

Even after installing a third-party keyboard that supports iPhone emojis when receiving messages on WhatsApp and other messengers, many people still see the old emoji. This is due to the peculiarities of the messenger, which uses its own set of emoticons. You can solve the problem by substituting the font instead of the “keyboard”. This helps in some situations.

However, you may have difficulty setting the font as the option to change the text style is usually not available in the phone settings. Next, use the iFont app, which allows you to set the font manually without having to use the settings.

However, in this case you will have to open root access, which will entail a series of restrictions, including the prohibition of making transactions in banking applications.