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How to take a screenshot on mobile

Why take a screenshot?

Taking a screenshot will help you easily share images, videos, data, or any other digital information you want with others.

How to take a screenshot on mobile

Being able to capture anything visually visible on our screen is something that all smartphone users enjoy. This helps to highlight different informative content, memes and photos that we want to share with our friends.

  • For Android:
    • Find the bottom of the screen you are wanting to capture, hold down the power and volume down buttons. After a few seconds, you will hear a sound and you will see a small animation that means that an image has been saved.
    • To locate the screenshot you can go to Your album and look for it there.
  • For iOS:
    • Locate the bottom of the screen you want to capture. Then press and hold the Home and Power buttons (on earlier models you must hold Home and Volume Up).
    • As in Android, a sound will be produced and, after a few seconds, an animation indicating that the screenshot has been saved.
    • To find it, go to Photos and there you will see it.


Taking a screenshot is something that should be within everyone’s reach, regardless of the operating system we are betting on. It allows us to play games, share photos, highlight information and much more.
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How to Take a Screenshot on Mobile


  • Press the on and off button at the same time, while holding down both keys, you will see a small animation, indicating that the screenshot has been taken.
  • If the device has a Home button, sometimes it is necessary to press it together with the power button to activate the function.


  • Press the power button, located at the top left of the device, and the Home button at the same time. In this case, Home should always be pressed, while the power button should only be pressed for one second.
  • You will see a small animation at the bottom of the screen indicating that the screenshot has been created successfully.

Open the Taken Screenshot

  • Once you have taken the screenshot, the device will have saved it in the Photos folder of your Gallery.
  • To open it, open your gallery application, and enter the Photos section. In it you will find all the screenshots you have taken.

How to take a screenshot on your mobile phone

In this day and age, technology allows us to take screenshots to save digital information. This is a useful tool in case you want to remember something or share some information with other people on your mobile phone. Fortunately, modern mobile phones have the tool to perform this task directly on the device.

How to take a screenshot on your mobile phone

Taking a screenshot on your mobile device can be a quick and easy thing to do. The procedure to follow varies according to the manufacturer of the device, but in essence the steps are the same.

Here are the steps to take screenshots on your mobile phone:

  • push the buttons – Normally, you will have to simultaneously press some buttons on your device. These are usually the power button and the volume down button.
  • Wait a few seconds – Once you press the buttons, keep them pressed for a few seconds.
  • Find the screenshot – After taking the screenshot, you will find the archived image in your gallery (or an apparte folder)

Each mobile phone brand may have a slightly different procedure than this. It is important that you check the instruction manual to find the recommended procedure for your specific phone.