How to split Android screen into two parts and make it multi-window

How to split Android screen into two parts and make it multi-window.

The diagonal size of mobile phone screens is constantly increasing. While 5-inch models were called “paddles” just 5 years ago, a device with a 6-inch screen is now quite a compact device. The increased size of the array allows you to comfortably multitask. So if you want to work on two apps at the same time, you have to figure out how to split the screen into two parts in Android OS.

split screen function

Split screen is one of the variants of using multitasking on a mobile phone. Before its appearance, you could only work on several applications through a list of running applications, switching between them.

Thus, if a user was watching a video on YouTube and in the process decided to share an idea with a friend, he had to open the list of running applications and switch to messenger. Only one application interface was displayed at a time.

With split screen, the mobile phone owner can perform two tasks at the same time. A YouTube video window can be placed at the top of the screen and a messaging chat window at the bottom. In this way, the user is watching a video and chatting with her friends and colleagues.

Of course, you can use multi-window mode in different ways, and splitting the screen into a YouTube window and a messaging window is just one of many examples. You can devise your own scenario to apply the option and optimize your interaction with the device.

Which Androids have it?

Unfortunately, dual screens are not available on all mobile phones. The presence or absence of the function does not depend on the diagonal of the screen, but on the version of the operating system. In its current form, the multi-window mode appeared in Android 7. Options like watching videos in a small window appeared even later, but the division of space is in the seventh generation of Android. To check the version of the operating system, you will need:

  • Open device settings.
  • Go to “About phone”.
  • Examine the information provided in the “Android Version” tab.

If you have a mobile phone with an older version of the operating system, you will not be able to use the option. However, keep in mind that some manufacturers install their own shell on their devices in addition to Android, which adds missing features. Therefore, in theory, even the owner of an Android 6 phone can share the screen.

Do all applications support it?

Splitting the screen into 2 parts is only possible if the appropriate applications are used. However, not all applications can work in windowed mode. Therefore, there is a chance that one of the utilities ends up running in multi-window mode.

However, it should be noted that these programs are minority.

Almost all modern applications can work in one of the open windows in parallel with other programs. The main thing is to have the latest version of the program, since support for the split function in applications did not appear immediately. Therefore, make sure to install the updates before activating the option:

  • Start Google Play Market.
  • Find the program you are interested in using the search bar or the list of installed applications.
  • On the firmware page, press the “Update” button.

If there is no “Update” button on the Google Play interface, you are already using the current version of the app and there is no need to update it. You can also install the update through any other software store, including the App Gallery, or by using the APK file.

How to activate the function

There are several options to split the screen, but the most common is to switch to multi-window mode through the list of running applications. So, to split the interface into 2 parts, you will need:

  • Alternatively, launch the apps you plan to work on.
  • Open the list of running programs.
  • Keep your finger on the window of one of the required utilities.
  • Among the suggested options, select split screen (icon with two parallel tiles).
  • Tap on the second application window.

On devices from some manufacturers, there are additional options to put the mobile phone in multi-window mode. On Xiaomi you can use hotkeys (for example, long press the home button), and on Huawei and Honor you can touch the screen.

Regardless, additional launch methods are unique and may vary depending on the device manufacturer. What remains unchanged is the inclusion of an option via the list of running applications, as well as window management via drag and drop slider.

Posible problems

Usually, switching mobile phone to multi-window mode is not difficult for users. However, if you have an Android 7 mobile phone, the split screen option through the list of running apps may not be available. In such a situation, it is recommended to enable the “Resize in multi-window mode” option in the “For developers” settings.