how to redeem rewards with Amazon Prime Gaming

A collaboration between the now timeless mobile game Pokémon GO And Amazon Prime Gamingwill see free rewards brought to all players of the title of Nianticsuch as Poké Ball And various objects useful for the game. This initiative started precisely on May 19and apparently there will be new rewards twice a month.

The mobile game, well 6 years after its release, remains to this day one of the most played titles on smartphones, and above all it is still fully supported with new activities and new content, constantly. This time, however, in addition to everything, the new contents will also see Amazon as the “protagonist”, which with Prime Gaming, every 2 weeks will see a rewards set free for all subscribers.

The first of these sets, released yesterday, understands well 30 Poke Ball to catch Pokémon, 1 Piece of Star And 5 Revive items Max. The next set will be available from June 2.

How to redeem Pokémon GO rewards with Prime Gaming?

As with all Prime Gaming rewards, it will be required activate the subscription to Amazon Prime. If you have an Amazon prime account, you can do the following:

  • Visit the website from Pokémon Go Prime Gaming
  • Select the offer you want to redeem and follow the instructions
  • Visit the page for redemption of the offer on the Niantic website
  • Log in with the same data that you use for the application of Pokémon GO
  • Enter the code for your Prime Gaming reward and click to redeem.

If the code you entered is valid, you will be able to find the items on the list in your inventory once Pokémon GO is open. These instructions are valid for all users, but be aware that those who use a system Android they will also be able to redeem from within the gamewhile users iOS will have to necessarily follow the procedure.

For your comfort, find the links to the sites mentioned directly on the bulleted list.