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How to Make Outlines in Word

Microsoft Word is one of the best text editors in its class and offers a robust tool for creating outlines. This means that, in general, making outlines in Microsoft Word couldn’t be easier once you learn the basics of the tool.

Step 1: Open Microsoft Word

To get started, you’ll open Microsoft Word and you’ll typically be presented with the “Main” screen. This is the main screen that contains most of the tools needed to start working on a document.

Step 2 – Select Outline Tool

Once you have opened the Microsoft Word software, you will see that the ribbon contains the “Home tab”. This tab contains specific tools for editing Word documents. From the Home tab, select the “Outline” tool found in the “Drawing Tools” group of the tab.

Step 3 – Work on Your Outline

Once you have selected the outline tool from the Home tab, you will see a screen pop up. This popup screen contains a variety of schematic design tools. These can include outline objects such as boxes, text, and arrows, as well as a variety of colors and styles to configure.

Step 4: Save the schema

Once you’ve created the schematic you need, simply click the File tab on the top ribbon to save. This will open a save popup screen from which you can customize the file to match your needs.


  • Be sure to constantly save as you work. Be sure to make regular backups to prevent data loss in the event of a software bug or other problems.
  • Don’t use too many images. Using too many images in a document can increase the size significantly and can cause errors.

Try to keep the document as clean and simple as possible to prevent this.
You will need advanced software to print. If you want to print your schematic, you will need to use advanced software to print it correctly. This means that you may have to install and use additional software.

How to Make an Outline in Word

word is a word processor that allows users to create formal and informal documents. With it it is also possible to make schemes to present a topic clearly and simply, in order to improve structure and understanding.

Instructions for making an outline in Word:

  • Open the processor. From the Start menu, go to the “Programs” section, where the Microsoft Word menu is located.
  • Adjust the eraser area. For this, click on the “View” button on the toolbar and select the “Document View” option.
  • Insert a table. To do this, go to the “Insert” section on the toolbar and choose the “Table” option.
  • Define the spaces for the outline. You must choose the number of columns and rows needed to build the schema.
  • Organize the contents. Drag the cells to fill with the corresponding contents.
  • Configure the layout. From the “Design” section of the toolbar, it is possible to modify the shape of cells, modify the borders and backgrounds, among others.


  • It is recommended that the scheme is previously thought out before starting, in order to save time.
  • word offers Choose the AutoFormat option to quickly change the appearance of the table, being possible to choose between professional presentations.
  • It is possible to save the scheme for later editing and modification.

Following these instructions it is possible to create a perfect scheme in word for the best presentation of any content. Finally, a scheme will always serve to better structure the information and, therefore, facilitate understanding.

How to Make an Outline in Word?

Learning to make an outline in Word will allow you to organize the contents of your documents in a clear and concise way. This Microsoft tool has become one of the best options for presenting information and doing it professionally.

Steps to make an outline in Word

  • The first thing is to open Word. When doing so, you must open a new document or open an existing document where the contents to be classified are located. You can also open a Word presentation if you want a higher quality output.
  • Once the document or template is open, you must click on the tab Insert and look for the group of tools organizational charts. Here you will find several options depending on the purpose you want for the scheme.
  • Clicking on the chart you want to use will open a dialog where you need to set up all the elements of your chart. Here, you can change the size of the blocks, the content, the appearance and many other things to improve your scheme.
  • When you’re done customizing your scheme the way you want, you’ll just have to click on Accept to see the final result in your document.
  • Finally, if you wish, you can save the file wherever you want to be able to reuse it later. To do this, select the option Save as a template in the Office Organization Chart Gallery and give it a descriptive name that will allow you to identify it in the future.


Creating an outline in Word is a simple task if you know how to do it. After you’ve completed these steps, you’ll be ready to present information in an orderly and professional manner. In addition, you can do it quickly and without complications.