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How to get the Tax Identification Card (CIF)?

The Tax Identification Card (CIF) stands as one of the most necessary documents when establishing a business. It allows citizens to easily identify a company, as well as its legal representatives. To obtain it, you have to follow some basic procedures. Let’s see how!

Steps to obtain the CIF

Once we have defined all the details of the company, we will only have to follow these steps:

  • Register in the Mercantile Registry: This is the first step to take. We will go to the Mercantile Registry to register. There they will request a series of documents and data necessary to carry out the process, including a report of the objectives and characteristics of the company.
  • Request the CIF: To request the CIF we must complete a form and submit it to the AEAT (State Tax Administration Agency). Once the application has been submitted, the agency will issue us the document and we will receive the CIF number within a month.

Minimum requirements

There are some requirements that we must meet to obtain the CIF. These are:

  • Be of legal age and have residence in Spanish territory.
  • Verify the address of the company in an Official Registry.
  • Submit documents accrediting the share capital.

Once the requirements are met, we will have our CIF ready to start developing our business.

How to get the 2022 tax identification card?

Steps for its use Select the button run online, Enter with your password or valid e.firma, Press the button “Generate CIF”, Select the button “print” or “download” to save the new tax identification card on your device of 2022.

How to obtain the tax identification card?

How to obtain the Tax Identification Card? Enter the SAT website, In the “RFC Procedure” section, click on “Obtain your Tax Identification Card”, Write the RFC and the login password, Select “Services”- “Tax Identification Card”, Choose “ Generate CIF», Download and print the PDF file that contains your CIF.

How do I get my tax ID number for the first time?

Request a Registration Notice (IT150) SMS: Request the issuance of the IT150 (Tax Reference Number) by sending an SMS to SARS at 47277. You can also request your notice of registration through MobiApp if you are a registered eFiler. SARS Tax Services Hotline: Call 0800 00 7277 to start the registration process to obtain your registration notice. Physically Visiting a SARS Office: Visit the nearest SARS office to start the registration process to obtain your registration notice.

How to get my tax identification card without password 2022?

In SAT ID (without password) Enter from your computer, cell phone or tablet with internet access. Select Proof of Tax Situation with CIF and accept the terms and conditions. Enter your RFC with 13 digits, personal email and cell phone number. Accept that the information provided is true, that you are the taxpayer and press the “Next” button. Read and print the proof of tax situation where you will also find your CIF (tax ID).

How to get the Tax Identification Card

The Tax Identification Card (CIF) is a tax credit that is granted to natural and/or legal persons, with the objective of carrying out important activities such as: purchase/sale of goods or services at the national level, contracting tax obligations, debt of taxes, among others.

Process to Request the CIF.

To obtain our Tax Identification Card, we have to perform the following steps:

  • Fill out the Special Form : Depending on your tax jurisdiction, you will have to go to the Treasury address and the form to be filled out will be delivered right there.
  • Incorporate A Legal Representative : For this procedure, we will also have to present an official document that accredits a legal representative.
  • Sending the Documents : Subsequently, we have to present the original documents such as Notary Acts, Accounting Books, Account Statements, among others.
  • Receive the acknowledgment of receipt : A receipt will be delivered that contains a number assigned by the tax service and a delivery date.
  • Confirmation of the VAT number : Once all the documentation is reviewed, an email or a certified letter will be sent with the Tax Identification Card.

We recommend you keep the documents and receipts of this procedure, for any future consultation or fiscal management.