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How to Get Frog Lights in Minecraft

Minecraft Update: The Savage Adds much new blocks and possibilities for the game. Some blocks may be more important than others depending on your priorities. Light up frogs are fun colored blocks, mainly for decoration. You can also use them as a general light source. However, how do you get them? Such is the question. In this guide, we’ll help you get them quickly, discuss the number of light types, and give you tips on what to do with them.

How to get frog lights

As the name suggests, frog lights are only obtained by interacting with frogs. Specifically, the frogs must eat a magma cube. Once they eat a magma cube, a frog light will be produced. Yes, it is as simple as that!

types of frog lights

There are three types of colors produced by frogs. The luminous (purple) pearl frog comes from tropical frogs. Green (green) light comes from snow frogs. The ocher (yellow) light comes from native swamp frogs. There is no particular difference or ability between them, just a color preference for you to choose which one you would prefer to have more of and use more often.

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What to do with frog lights

Once you get the Frog Lights, you can do whatever you want with them. They are intended primarily for decoration.

With its addition, Frog Lights generates some of the most powerful lights in the game. They easily replace other light blocks for your building and experimentation. Frog Lights emits a light level of 15. This is the highest in the game so far. The glow of the blocks covers about 20 blocks in the lights area. To see how much light they cover, it would be best to test them at night. Frog Lights can be broken with any tool or by hand.