how to find the black box in The Raintrace!

Horizon Forbidden West is the new Guerrilla Games title that is managing without too many compliments to conquer the public! This is the sequel to the hugely popular Horizon Zero Dawn and all the fans of this first chapter are madly loving the chance to dive again on a fantastic adventure as Aloy, our favorite heroine!

We too have had the honor of experiencing Horizon Forbidden West in all its glory, uncovering every secret and making a review that will certainly be able to give you a complete overview of the game entirely free of spoilers! In case you missed it but are curious to find out more about the title, we recommend that you read it and we will leave it here.

Today, however, we are not here for this but to talk to you about one of the many black boxes in the game, some of the collectibles that we have previously introduced to you in a dedicated guide. Do you want to find them all? Here’s how to get the one back in The Raintrace!

Horizon Forbidden West: here’s where the black box is in the Raintrace!

Let’s face it, in Horizon Forbidden West the collectibles are certainly not lacking. Between weapons and armor, customization elements such as face paints and dyes, and exclusive items that can reward you a lot, you will certainly have a lot to do.

If you want to be able to finish the game 100% without missing anything, the road is long but we will always be here ready to provide you with simple and intuitive guides that can help you along the way. Today for this reason we want to help you find yet another black box present!

If you still don’t know what these collectible boxes are, then we recommend that you consult this guide, otherwise, continue reading quietly.

Horizon Forbidden West

Black Box – The Raintrace

Before explaining in detail how to recover the black box in question, it is necessary to let you know that to complete the mission you will need the vine cutter. So if you don’t have it yet, you’ll need to get it first!

Anyway, our box this time is in the area called The Raintrace, to be precise north of the contractor’s field. From this camp, head northeast until you reach the plane wreck site near the river.

Horizon Forbidden West

The plane will be divided into two parts. In one of the two you will be able to enter but you will not be able to reach the back room instead, as the door is blocked due to a missing energy cell. Obviously you will have to retrieve it.

This energy cell is instead located in the other half of the plane, where you can only enter thanks to the use of the vine cutter. By now you will certainly have put together the clues: recover the energy cell and use it to open the locked door, inside you will find the black box!

Horizon Forbidden West

As you can see, the process is a bit more cumbersome than other boxes we have told you about but it is not anything too complicated anyway. Although knowing exactly what to do can always be handy!

In any case, as always, we hope that this guide has been useful to you and for the moment we can do nothing but give you an appointment at the next one, remembering to visit this page where we gather all our knowledge of Horizon Forbidden West conveniently for you.