How to delete search history in Play Store – ways to clear it

How to delete search history in Play Store – ways to clear it.

Installing third-party apps on Android mobile phones is quite an easy task that even a child can do. This is justified by the fact that you do not have to search for a program on various websites and then manually go through the installation step to install it. Simply use the Play Market application store. But there is a nuance, Play Market remembers everything you have searched for in it. This is how the history of requests in the Play Market is deleted, and we will talk about it.

The history of Play Market stores

Many people have probably not paid attention to this in the rush to install and try out a new toy. However, Play Market stores each request in the device’s local memory and asks you to select it when you click on the program’s search field again. This section does not store the games and programs that you have opened (not downloaded, just viewed), such as in the browser history. Just inquiries, nothing more.

However, in addition to this section, there is another one: “My applications and games”. Shows information about all installed applications: their updates, as well as all applications that have been installed and removed. Unlike the request history, this section is not tied solely to your device, but is synced to the cloud. In other words, if you install an app on one device, it will immediately appear in your library on another device if the same Google account is selected there. This is useful if you need to restore your app list after purchasing a new gadget or resetting your settings.

How to remove it

Let’s say you’re concerned about your privacy or you don’t like your requests to be “exposed”. If this is the case, you can remove your request list by following the instructions below. Don’t worry, the steps described will not harm your device.

The worst thing that can happen if you deviate from the instructions is to sign out of your Google account on your phone.

Via app settings

Let’s start with the most correct and recommended method by Google, that is, removal through a special button in the settings. Action algorithm:

  • Open game market.
  • Click on the avatar in the upper right corner.
  • In the menu that opens, select “Settings”.
  • Go to “General” and then to “Account and device settings”.
  • Press the “Clear search history on device” button.
  • Confirm the action in the dialog box.

Done. Note that here you can also remove any apps that you have previously added to your wish list.

Via system settings

This method is more of a crutch (a temporary but unethical solution) than the correct solution.

Afterwards, not only the history is deleted, but also the app’s cache, which can make the app run slower at first. Action algorithm:

  • Go to “Applications” and then “All applications”.
  • Find Play Market in the list and open the page about it.
  • Look for the “Clear All” or “Clear Data” button.

After checking, the list of queries should disappear.

Can a deleted history be recovered?

Although deleting a history “by accident” is quite difficult due to the plethora of actions, sometimes people do it without knowing it. Afterwards, of course, they try to restore the search data for convenience. However, if you’re one of these people, bad news for you: once you delete your local search history, there’s no way to get it back. There is no sync with the cloud, so you will have to accept the loss.

But this rule does not apply to the library of installed and removed programs. It can’t be deleted all at once, and it can be accessed from any device with a Google account.

We hope we have been able to help. Thank you for reading.