How to create a folder on your Android phone – instructions to add a directory

How to create a folder on your Android phone – instructions to add a directory.

The functionality of mobile phones and computers is very similar in many ways. In particular, you can create folders on both types of devices. These interface elements act as directories to organize your data, so they can be useful to anyone. Below we explain how to create a folder on your Android phone, but first we are going to identify who and what these directories are going to be used for.

Why are folders useful?

Before creating a folder on the phone, it is important to understand why this procedure is necessary. This will create exceptionally useful directories that help you organize your information, instead of making it even more difficult to find.

For desktop applications

First, let’s talk about the directories on the desktop. Thus, on the home screen of Samsung, Xiaomi and other mobile phones, the app icons appear as soon as they are installed. Little by little there are more and more, which makes it difficult to find the icon of the desired program.

In a situation like this, you can create multiple folders to free up space on your desktop and also to organize your applications. For example, you can have games in the first folder, messengers and social networks in the second, and business software in the third. You’ll agree that this arrangement of desktop space will make it much easier to find what you need.

For files in explorer

All mobile phones have an application called “File Explorer” installed. It can also be called “File Manager”. Regardless of the name, these programs are software for interacting with files.

If you often download music, pictures and videos to your mobile phone, you have probably already used this app. It can help you open, edit or send a file, for example. However, when there is a lot of information in File Explorer, it becomes almost impossible to find the photo or music you want.

Like application folders, file directories also help organize information. You can organize your audio files by music genre, create a separate folder for documents, or organize photos by event. There are endless scenarios to use the directory option, so you will always find it to be an exceptional and useful application.

Ways to create a folder

Although all folders are directories for organizing data, different types of folders are created differently.

In addition, it is possible to use both the tools built into the mobile phone and third-party devices such as a PC. All available options are discussed below.

in the browser

If you want to create a new folder to store files, you will need to refer to the “Explorer”. Its icon should be located on your desktop, then all you have to do is launch the application and perform a few simple actions:

  • Open the directory where you want to create the directory.
  • Press the three dots button.
  • Select the “Create Folder” option.
  • Assign a name.

Depending on the manufacturer of the mobile phone and the version of the operating system, the “Explorer” interface may vary. For example, on some devices the option to create a directory is accessible through the “three dots”, while on others you have to press the “+” button. You can also create a folder using any file manager (both standard and third-party).

In the browser through the computer

If you plan to create multiple directories to store files at once, the Mobile Explorer interface may seem awkward, as you’ll need to give each folder a unique name. It is much more convenient to perform such an operation on your computer, which will require:

  • Connect your mobile phone to PC via USB cable.
  • Allow data transfer through a pop-up notification that appears on the phone screen.
  • On the PC, open the “This Computer” application and select the drive assigned to the mobile phone.
  • Navigate to the desired directory.
  • Click on the PCM.
  • Select the “Create” option and then select “Folder”.
  • Give the directory a name and save the change.

The directory will be displayed both on the PC and via the phone’s standard ‘Explorer’. It is much more comfortable to create folders on the PC, since you can then move them freely with the mouse. The computer also has a better name change function.

On the home screen

Normally, the mobile phone’s desktop is only used to display application icons. If there are many and it is difficult to find the desired program, follow the instructions:

  • Press your finger on one of the applications.
  • Hover an app icon over another in a similar category.
  • Assign a name to the new directory.

As all mobile phones are different, the storage creation principle may be different. In particular, on some models there is no need to point an app icon at a second app. Simply press the three dots button (usually located to the right of the search widget) and select the “Create folder” option.

Posible problems

Creating a folder is a fairly simple operation that any user, regardless of their experience with a mobile phone, should be able to handle. However, at the same time, various difficulties sometimes arise.

For example, when you hover one app icon over another, no new directory is created. This means that it is a launcher or shell that does not support this feature. It makes sense to try to make a repository via “three dots” or an alternative launcher.

Another problem is that some users do not find the option to create a folder in the browser. This is due to the peculiarities of the interface of a certain file manager. It is different everywhere and requires a personal touch. Click on the various buttons in the Explorer and you will eventually find the “Create new folder” function.