How to copy and type a number sign on the Android phone keyboard

How to copy and type number sign on android phone keyboard.

The first push-button telephones could not boast of the number of characters of the installed keypad. There were only 12 buttons, so only the letters of the Russian and English alphabets and vital symbols were placed. On modern mobile phones, the on-screen keyboard has more extensive functionality, but even on it you can’t always find the character you want, such as the number sign. We are going to talk about how to find number sign on Android on-screen keyboard.

Ways to add a number sign

This is the symbol we chose for a reason. If the questions on the forums are to be believed, it is the number sign that causes the most trouble for Android users. This is because the “number” itself is hidden in the list of additional symbols, and it is almost impossible to find it intuitively due to its illogical placement. We suggest several ways to accomplish this task.

additional design

Therefore, the best option that helps in most cases. We have tested it on two keyboards: Gboard and SwiftKey, as these are the default keyboards used on many Android devices. Action algorithm:

  • Open any text input app and click on a text field to open the keyboard.
  • Go to the additional symbols and numbers section (usually the button in the lower left corner with some numbers written on it).
  • Locate the grid icon (#) and hold your finger on it for a few seconds. A menu of alternative symbols will open.
  • Select the number icon between them.

Done. The desired icon will appear in the text field. We are sure that this provision has caused confusion and a number of questions, because the grid and the number are not connected in any way. However, there is a connection. On QWERTY-type keyboards (often used on PCs) the characters “#” and “#” are found on the same key and are activated by the Shift+3 key combination. Only “number” is displayed with the Russian layout and “grid” with the English layout.

Apparently, when adapting the QWERTY layout to mobile devices, the developers decided to follow this logic. Sometimes there are cases where the desired character is present on the keyboard, but it is under another key.

In this case, you have to go through all the options or go to the next method.

Third party keyboards

If for some reason the character still doesn’t appear on your phone, or if it’s difficult to find or type, it’s worth considering choosing another app to display the on-screen keyboard. Here is a list of the most popular third-party apps:

  • Fleksy Fast: Famous for its fast typing speed and advanced auto substitution.
  • Chrooma – the same as Gboard, but more flexible in customizing the appearance.
  • Go Keyboard is another classic solution with flexible settings.

Once you’ve installed the program you want via a link in the Play Market, you’ll need to activate it. Action algorithm:

  • Go to “Advanced Settings”.
  • Open the “Language and input” subsection.
  • Under “Current Keyboard”, select the desired app by its name.

Done. The change is usually immediate.

Posible problems

In practice, failures due to the use of additional characters rarely occur. But even in this simple task, sometimes something goes wrong. Below, we have examined the possible problems that the user may encounter:

  • The symbol appears when you hold down another key, but immediately disappears when you release it. In this case, you have to slide the key with the finger you held down to the desired symbol without letting go of the screen.
  • There is a sign, but it does not appear on the screen when you press it. If you don’t see “No” here, then there is a problem with your phone’s encryption. The problem is complex and requires specialized intervention.

We hope we have helped with the problem. Thank you for reading.