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How to clean hood filters

Among the many appliances in our kitchen, the hood is one of the most important because its function is to remove smoke, odors, grease, and heat from the air generated by our favorite foods. To optimize its efficiency, it is necessary to keep it clean and this is especially true for filters. These filters collect food waste, grease and smoke from the food we are cooking, thus helping to keep our kitchen odor free. For this reason, we must clean our hood filters from time to time.

How to clean the filters?

The cleaning of the filters depends a lot on the type of filter you have. Most filters can be removed for cleaning, some are removable while others are simple plastic or aluminum. Depending on the materials and types of filters, you can follow the following steps:

  • Aluminum and plastic filters

    These filters can be soaked in a container with water and detergent and then washed with a brush. Afterwards, they should be rinsed with hot water and dried with a clean cloth.

  • removable filters

    These filters should be soaked in a container with detergent. Afterwards, they should be scrubbed with a brush and washed thoroughly before rinsing with hot water and drying with a cloth.


Cleaning the filters of your hood is a very important task, since its function is to keep our kitchen free of odors. It is always good to carefully check the filters and look for any signs of wear. If you see that they are very worn or broken, then you should replace them with new ones.

As long as they are clean, our kitchen will stay fresh and odor free.