How to check battery life on your Android – battery health tests

How to check battery life on your Android – battery health tests.

The operation of a mobile phone is unimaginable without a battery. Boost your device, allowing you to perform a wide variety of operations, from recording videos or watching movies to gaming to the fullest. Therefore, the state of the battery has a direct impact on the general health of your gadget and the comfort you will have with it. Today we are going to show you how to check the battery status of your Android phone and what you need to do it.

Why do you need to know the status of your battery?

Before you start checking it out, you should understand the role of the battery in the operation of your mobile phone. The battery is a chemical source of current of a certain volume. Over time, its capacity decreases, causing the device to discharge faster.

In addition, the deterioration of the battery has serious consequences. For example, a phone with a failing battery can turn off at the most inopportune moment, even if it’s not minus 30 degrees outside. Finally, bad batteries often cause devices to explode, posing a significant health risk to the user and others. Therefore, it is very important to know the performance of the battery.

ways to determine

There are several ways to tell what state your battery is in right now. These can range from a visual inspection of the power supply to software inspection methods. We recommend considering all the options, as each one is suitable for certain situations.

Manual extraction and inspection

This test option is only applicable if your mobile phone has a removable battery. It also does not help determine the remaining battery capacity, but only tells you if it is fit for further use.

Therefore, you have to remove the back cover and remove the battery. Next, carefully inspect the battery for blisters, damage, and signs of fire. If at least one of the three external signs appears, you should consider replacing the battery.

battery rotation

If you cannot visually distinguish whether the battery is swollen or not, we suggest you perform a battery test. Place the stack on a table and try to spin it. If the battery spins freely, it is most likely swollen. A useful rectangular shaped stack will have difficulty turning due to its external features. Please note that the battery must rotate on both sides. On the side that turns more easily, there is likely to be the same swelling.

Download Rate Estimation

Battery health is not just a question of whether the battery is a danger to the owner of the device. Fast downloading is also an indication of poor health.

However, in daily use, when the phone is charged in short sessions, it can be difficult to detect a rapid loss of power. Therefore, it is necessary to discharge the device completely and then charge it to 100%.

Then continue to use the gadget in its normal usage mode and time how long it takes for the charge percentage to drop to the lower threshold.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to say how long your mobile phone should last, since it all depends on the capacity of the battery. But you can check the information on the manufacturer’s official website, and then compare it with the resulting figures. If the discrepancy is greater than 40-50%, the battery is clearly bad.

Via system software

Mobile phone firmware helps you assess battery wear. For example, in the “Battery” section of the settings, many manufacturers indicate the current status of the power supply. If there is no such item, enter *#*#4636#*#* using the dialer and press the call button. The display will then show the battery wear status.

Battery MicroPinch App

Also, if you can’t find information about battery wear in your phone’s settings or other pre-installed apps, you can use the Battery MicroPinch app. It is available as a free download through the Google Play Market.

Once you launch the app, you will see information about your current load. To get the battery status, you have to swipe left. The display will then show the current battery temperature, voltage, and battery status.

What to do when the battery is bad

If upon external inspection the battery is found to be swollen, the power supply must be replaced. It is strongly discouraged to continue using the device with a swollen battery.

If the battery of your mobile phone is not removable and you have only been able to assess its condition through the software, you should not worry too much when you see a “Bad” value. Indicates that the battery capacity has decreased to 60%. You can still use the device, but it will lose power quickly. There are two ways out of this situation: replace the battery or buy a new mobile phone.