how long is the main campaign

Bethesda Game Studios games offer very large universes, but have a main campaign that can be completed in a reasonable number of hours, which in the case of Starfield is between 30 and 40. This has been revealed by Todd Howard, director of Bethesda Game Studios, which has also spoken about creating additional content and stated that the community of modding he will see the new game as “a dream”.

According to Todd Howard in an interview with IGN, Starfield’s main campaign is approximately 20% larger than previous Bethesda Game Studios games. It also has more missions. “The main story could be around 30, maybe 40 hours,” says Howard. This is the amount of time that will be needed by players who choose to ignore the many secondary content the game has to offer. According to How Long To Beat, Skyrim Special Edition’s main campaign lasts 25 hours and that of Fallout 4 arrives at 27 hours.

However, those who play a Bethesda Game Studios game often don’t jump straight to the point, at least not on their first playthrough. In addition to optional content, Starfield will offer many exploration activities, there are more than 1,000 procedurally generated planets where you can land, base construction, research, obtain resources, conquer territories, space flight and combat and more. Determining how long it takes to complete everything the game has to offer shouldn’t be easy.

Todd Howard has also confirmed that they will be creating additional content for Starfield. Bethesda Game Studios has been able to verify that their titles have a long journey, so they want to support their new bet. Several years after its release, a game like Skyrim Special Edition still draws more than 20,000 concurrent players each day on Steam alone. Howard also comments that the community of modding will see Starfield as “a dream.” The mods they have been a very important part of Bethesda Game Studios games.