how does PS5 fare with PSX and PS2 titles? For an analysis the results are not at all exciting!

PlayStation Plus Premium, the most expensive Tier of the new PS Plus subscription, features several titles for PSX, PS2 and PlayStation 3. Although the latter are only executable in the Cloud, the same is not true for the classic titles of the first two consoles, which can be run natively via emulation. A video analysis by ElAnalistaDeBit therefore reveals how PS5 behaves with this feature.

Unfortunately, the comparative analysis shows that the performances are not exactly exciting, especially for PSX. Sure, the games run in a much higher resolution, in this case equal to 1440phowever the framerate is bad to say the least.

Some titles talk about 20fps on average, with others that instead have a higher framerate but also more shaky. In short, not the scenario that was hoped for. PlayStation 2 games, on the other hand, run at a native resolution of 720p but with a generally better framerate than that of PSX titles.


Furthermore, in some titles we can notice a greater complexity in the geometries. PS2 titles should run backwards compatible via the PS4 versionwhile PSX and PSP titles (actually there is only one of this) have distinct versions between PS4 and PS5. This would explain the difference in resolution.

In any case, the results are bad to say the leastboth in direct comparison with Xbox Series X – which we remember runs the titles in backward compatibility even in native 4K and with significant boosts in performance – and above all in comparison with unofficial emulators.

Sure, this is just the beginning, but the road to effective emulation on PlayStation 5 is still long. This also does not bode well in the native emulation of PlayStation 3 games, not in the short term at least.

Source: YouTube