How do you customize everything in Tchia?

New Caledonia-inspired tropical hopscotch with an open, physical established world will be available using; 21. black – on PS4, PS5 and PC (Epic).

So, the last, seventh episode of the gaming series is dedicated to the rich possibilities of cosmetic customization of your character, which you can modify clothes, hair, shoes, swimwear and glasses.

Some things draw directly from the culture of the island where everything takes place. This also applies to the possibilities of modifying your raft at sea, where you can put different flags, trees, etc.

Tchia’s fault will not be the mode for taking photos, which is again deeply sophisticated and can be equipped with many filters and other gadgets.

We already know that the game will be full of controllable local guitar (ukulele) that you learn to play and it’s a bit reminiscent of a minigame from The Last of Us 2. The guitar plays a role in both the story and the gameplay, giving you additional abilities for moves and fights.