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How to download free music

Options to download music

If you want to start enjoying music without spending a dime, you have a few options! Below are the best sites to download music for free.

  • Youtube– There are thousands of royalty-free songs on YouTube that can be downloaded for free. You have to select the video and use an app to download it to your computer or mobile device.
  • bandcamp: If you want to download an entire album for free, Bandcamp is a great option. Music creators upload their work for others to download without having to pay a dime.
  • SoundCloud: SoundCloud is a site where musicians and artists upload their material for others to listen to for free. You can also download SoundCloud music without paying anything.
  • Internet Archive: The Internet Archive has a collection of over 2 million free songs from all over the world. Many of these songs are by independent artists.

Tips to download music safely

Many people choose to download torrent files to download free music, but this can be dangerous. While this is a quick and easy way to download songs, torrent files are riddled with malware and spyware.

It is better to download music from safe sources like the ones mentioned above to avoid security issues. If you are downloading music from a website, make sure the site is secure and well supported. And remember that illegal downloading is illegal, so try to avoid it.

How can I download free music from my cell phone?

So you can download music from YouTube on Android The first thing is to go to the video whose music you want to download, either in the YouTube app or from the browser, Now from your browser (it doesn’t matter which one you have), open, Finally, press on Download MP3 and the audio will begin to download

How can I download free music?

Web platforms for listening to music have multiplied exponentially in recent years.
However, what are the best options to listen to music for free?

Option 1: Download music from websites

  • Jamming: It is a website that contains numerous legally free songs to download.
  • noisetrade: This website offers several songs to download from musicians of all styles.
  • soundcloud: This platform also offers songs for free and legal to download.
  • itunes: Some songs can be downloaded for free from this platform, usually individual songs, not entire albums

Option 2: Use programs to download music

  • JDownloader: Program to download anything from any website, it also works to download music.
  • µTorrent: Program to download content via torrent, it is also suitable for downloading music.

Although it is true that there are numerous ways to download music illegally, we recommend downloading content legally. These free download options are the best alternative, so you should keep them in mind if you want to enjoy music without committing illegal actions.

How to download music without downloading any app? is one of the most popular websites for downloading songs from YouTube. Although it can also be used to download videos, the platform has an option that allows you to download music from in MP3 format, without having to carry out any conversion afterwards.

To use Clipconverter, you just have to go to its website and select the option to download music. Once here, you will copy the URL of the video of the song you want to download from YouTube and then paste it into the text box that appears on the Clipconverter screen.

You can then set your desired audio quality and download the available MP3 file for your song in seconds.

Where can you download music for free?

Free Music: Top 10 Websites to Download Songs from… SoundCloud, Free Music Archive, Last FM, Live Music Archive, Jamendo, Freepd, Pixabay, Musopen, YouTube Audio Library and Bandcamp are some of the free websites from where you can download songs free songs and music