Horizon Forbidden West, players captured by the beauty of the sea waves, this is how they were made

Horizon Zero Dawn leaves no bad taste in the mouth in terms of graphics, especially with the beautiful waves created by the team at Guerrilla Games.

Horizon Forbidden West is among the titles named as Game of the Year on the occasion of The Game Awards. The long-awaited sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn has made inroads into the hearts of gamers, just like its predecessor and currently boasts a metascore of 88 for the version for PlayStation 5 on Metacritic.

Among the elements that have captured the players we find the sequences of the protagonist Aloy in water. Users have been totally captivated by the waves of the sea with their particularly realistic movement. Through Twitterthe art director of the title, Jan Bart Van Beek explained the process used to make the fan-favorite waves in Horizon Forbidden West.

Horizon Forbidden West, the complicated system used to create sea waves explained by the art director.

Needless to anticipate what the system used in Horizon Forbidden West both complex, especially since the development studio had to take into account the yield of the project even on Playstation 4. Van Beek explained that the motion of breaking sea waves is composed of a displacement d3D vectors.

The one for the creation of the sea waves present in Horizon Forbidden West is one of the most complicated systems that we have had the opportunity to build. In order for the waves to break and collapse on themselves we have used an irregular sequence of 3D vectors. The work was difficult to achieve, especially since we had to make it work on PS4 as well.

Meanwhile, second GamingBible it would be right Horizon Forbidden West the best open world of the year and which unfortunately did not receive the deserved success for a number of reasons, including the release itself which took place on 1February 8, 2022, between Pokémon legends: Arceus arrived January 28 ed Elden Ringtitle FromSoftware only released a few days later Horizon Forbidden Westt, i.e. the February 25th.

Horizon Forbidden West