Horizon Call of the Mountaint among 20 games at launch

In a summary documentation Sonythrough the voice of the CEO PlayStation Jim Ryan, has unveiled future plans for its PlayStation VR2which would confirm Horizon Call of the Mountain among the games available at launch.

As some rumors had already suggested (and which you can read about by clicking on this link), the announcement of the PlayStation VR2 would not only be close, but could immediately bring with it some particularly attractive games for gamers.

Unfortunately, as you can see from the source in question, nothing else has been revealed through this documentation, a release date of the PlayStation VR2 has been announced, nor has the specific line-up of games planned for launch been listed. of the viewer.

From the image above, however, some confirmations can be highlighted, new ergonomic controllers with haptic feedback, will support 4K and will be equipped with some interesting features such as the expanded field of view and a increased visual fidelity.

Unfortunately we also see, in the photo that represents its aesthetics, the fact that it must be connected to the PlayStation 5 through a single cable, it will therefore have a wired connection, which is not always a bad thing when it comes to exchanging large amounts of data. high speed.

Last but not least, in the image, there is a clear reference to Horizon VR Call of the Mountain, which also announces the presence of more than 20 first-party and third-party games confirmed for PlayStation VR2 at launch. Sony seems to want to bet a lot on its new virtual reality headset.

It is also not excluded that the much discussed Half-Life: Alyx could also arrive on PlayStation VR2, as some rumors months ago mentioned some agreements between Valve and Sony. As previously mentioned, Sony intends to start with a bang, and this can only make the joy of all gamers, fans and not, of the Tokyo house.