Honored video for the Robocop game that will be delayed until September

The Farflame publishing team has informed us that the current česky captioned the new Robocop: Rogue City video.

“It’s a demonstration of gameplay and movement around the city,” he added. She is captured there by an investigative passerby, whenž the hero takes down the drug dealers in the basement of the store.

The game will have its own story, in which you will explore Detroit and choose answers in dialogues during your mission to restore justice and order to the crime-ridden city.

The material, which comes from the Nacon Direct presentation, was fortunately accompanied by the news of a delayed release.

Instead of the promised čred game for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series will arrive andž this September. It comes from the Teyon studio behind the 2019 FPS Terminator: Resistance.