Highrise City: Early Access for the urban planning simulation begins at the end of March.

Highrise City

Publisher Deck13 and developer Fourexo Entertainment have revealed the launch date of Highrise City’s Early Access phase.

If you like city-building simulations, you should take a look at Highrise City on occasion. Here you can expect an interesting mix of classic urban planning with a complex economic system.

Meanwhile, we also know that Early Access will be available from March 24. “So are you ready to build huge cities and manage their economy? If the answer is yes, I have some really good news for you today. After the game test, we decided to go into Early Access with Highrise City. The feedback was really positive and we realized that it can only be good to involve the community even more.”

With this announcement, a new trailer has been released, which you can watch here:

Early Access offers two maps on which you can start building huge cities, while at the same time ensuring that the economy remains robust and that the needs and desires of citizens are met. By the way, with one of the first updates, an editor will find its way into the game.

High Rise City