Hideo Kojima “scolds” Reedus in Negan style

Following recent rumors the actor Norman Reedus recently confirmed that Death Stranding 2 is currently under development and, after this anticipation, the director of the title Hideo Kojima has decided to “punish” the actor citing Negan’s character The Walking Dead.

The post-apocalyptic game, which stars Reedus along with other important actors such as Mads Mikkelsen and Léa Seydoux, was directed by the aforementioned Hideo Kojima. Norman Reedus had already anticipated the existence of Death Stranding 2 in a statement last August where it said that the title was under negotiation. In recent days, however, the star of The Walking Dead seems to have confirmed the actual existence of the project in an interviewin which he stated that the “work on the second chapter has just begun“.

Given this anticipation, Hideo Kojima has posted photos on his Twitter account where he is preparing to hit Norma Reedus with the iconic “Lucille” mace used by Regan in The Walking Dead. Given the goliardic way in which the famous director has faced the anticipation, it is now clear that Death Stranding 2 is actually in production, although a real official status is still lacking. You can see Hideo Kojima’s ironic tweet below:

Go to your private room, my friend

Obviously, as mentioned above, the official status is still missing by the development team about the beginning of the development of Death Stranding 2and it is not to be excluded that the project may be put aside before production kicks off.

Despite this, the increasingly concrete possibility that Death Stranding 2 can actually see the light it will certainly make the numerous fans of Kojima’s peculiar opera happy. We advise you to read about this our editorial on why we need a new chapter of Death Stranding.