Hideo Kojima is looking for new talent for Kojima Productions

Norman Reedus’ latest statements have launched fans into the stratosphere. The actor is back to collaborate with Kojima Productions and with the master Hideo in Death Stranding 2. At the moment, Reedus says, he is already working on the “shot” of the game. The revelation came during an interview granted in recent days.

After the leak (supposedly authorized) Kojima posted several things on his social networks. On twitter two new photos that portray him together with the protagonist of the 2019 game – and presumably the sequel – plus one a little older and dating back to a few years ago. On Instagram, however, the author he said he was looking for people to expand his firm – recently moved – and complete Death Stranding 2. A similar announcement, to be honest, was already done in December 2021. Again, 30 people are looking for, including programmers, engineers and writers. The positions and selection criteria are described in detail in the Instagram post and on the official KojiPro website.

From this moment on we can officially start the speculations on what is the story that Kojima has decided to deepen with Death Stranding 2. Difficult, in my opinion, imagine a sequel. More likely the hypothesis of a prequel or a side-story. Bets are currently open. That Kojima was already working on a new game had long been known. Already several months ago rumors had circulated that the script for the new title had been completed. Now it remains only to wait for the official announcement of Hideo which, at this point, we imagine will not be long in coming.


What do you think about it? What are your predictions?

Source: TwitterKojiPro